Contact Center y Distribución


Contact Center y Distribución


Arranging your affairs to avoid or postpone taxation is a true art, and effective tax planning can be the first step to your financial success and potential savings.


Este servicio le ofrece las ventajas y beneficios del Contact Center sumados a la experiencia y eficacia de nuestro equipo de gestión operativa (Back Office). Contamos con personal capacitado de nuestra empresa, el cual es asignado a su establecimiento, acompañado de la infraestructura necesaria, para administrar el recojo y reparto de los alimentos o bienes materiales al domicilio de su cliente final.

  • Atención personalizada y desde una plataforma Online para tus pedidos y órdenes.
  • Servicio de Delivery a Domicilio a todo Lima.
  • Tracking Systems | Rastreo y Localización Satelital GPS.
Holistic Approach

The most fundamental of all our work principles is that if the client is happy, then we’re too. This is ensured by the fact that we offer whole range of fiscal consulting – staring with taxes and accounting, all the way to investment opportunities and retirement planning!

Long History

Since the times former Wall Street expert John Steven Levegerie and his fellow investment market colleagues decided to quot their respective firms in order to form their own, we’ve grown in so many remarkable and expertise-wise ways!

Reasonable Fees

While we do work with the world’s and nation’s richest companies across the aisle here in New York and on Wall Street, we never mismanage their trust in us. Meaning, all of our pricing and service fees are reasonable, just and dictated by the revenue we bring in!